writing prompt: Sky (10 minutes)


The sky beckons me upward and I leave the earth behind. My ability to give a shit about anything worrisome fades away exponentially as the distance between my body and the ground quickly grows. The houses look like small, square dots on a map I could care less about deciphering. I can’t even distinguish the people from the trees. This moment leaves me in complete bliss. Never before have I felt such a boundless freedom. I’m no longer tethered to solid ground as the sky opens up an entirely new world of possibility. I would have thought that by now the fear of falling would have overtaken me entirely. Instead, a sense of euphoria overwhelms me and I laugh in the face of all of the previous moments in my life laden with fear. Fear seems so insignificant now. As the entire lay of the land stretches beneath me, I feel invincible. I might not know my future, but somehow this aerial perspective makes me feel omniscient and I know that everything will be ok. I never want to land. My euphoria lessens slightly at the thought of eventually returning to earth. I shake the thought from my mind and continue my ascent. It’s funny how the clouds have changed in this new perspective. From the ground, I always imagined holding them in my hands, a solid fluffy, arguably unattainable mass. And now I glide through them effortlessly, laughing at the notion of once having considered them tangible. I remember lying in the grass as a child and looking up at these clouds, trying to find intentional shapes in their unintentional formations.


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