Over // Under


Undercaffeinated, I wake with sleep crusting circles around my eyes

“Overjoyed” to be awake before the sun

Underwhelmed at the thought that almost everyone I know is still asleep

Overtly expressing conflicting emotions, as eyes tell the truth even when a smile lies

Undetermined conclusions generate confusion as I strive for a homeostasis of sorts instead

Over the next hill, we might see the sun

Under the guise of someone who has any idea where they’re going

Over burdened and underprepared, somehow we’ll still reach our destination

Overcast skies shroud the hearts of those who miss the sun, but bring smiles to those who love the rain

Understanding that everyone is different

Overnight, all consuming emotions melt away when greeted with the rise of the sun

Understated, you balk slightly at the ease of this renewal

Over and over you pondered that thought, bringing no release

Under the horizon, the sun waited patiently knowing it held your answers

Overwhelmed, tears carry your frustrations out of your mind, leaking through holes in your eyes like rainwater in the corner the kitchen

As a kid, you played in raindrops indoors while everyone else had to go outside

Undermining the authority of your ego was the best choice you ever made

Over it, under it, it doesn’t matter now anyway

You’re going through.